Carpet Dyeing to Restore Faded & Discolored Carpet for Hotels & Resorts in Charlotte, NC

Hotel and resorts will use carpet throughout most of their building. However, the one area that visitors spend the most time in is in their room. The quality of their room is where they base their judgments on the quality of the entire hotel or resort. Carpet care in hotel rooms is essential in maintaining the quality of the room. For this reason, the carpets are cleaned often. However, if the carpet begins to look faded or it stained it, can make the entire room’s quality diminish in the eyes of the guest. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how we are helping customers maintain their carpet throughout hotels and in resorts, especially in the rooms.

Carpet Dyeing Due to Frequent Cleaning

Both resorts and hotels depend on their building being cleaned and well maintained, especially in the rooms where guests spend a great deal of their time during their stay. Carpets in hotels often take a major beating room due to the high foot traffic and activity. This is followed by the halls and lobbies. Carpets need to be vacuumed and cleaned often. Carpets that are cleaned often lose their vibrant color or fades earlier than normal due to all the carpet cleaning. Carpets can also fade due to frequent or constant sunlight exposure. When carpet looks faded they appear worn which can make the room feel old and very used.

Carpet Dyeing to Remove Stains

Stains are also a major problem. There are two major types of stains: those that strip the carpet of the color or caused the dye to bleed or run out. The second type of stain is those that contaminate the carpet leaving an altered pigment in the carpet. There are a number of items, products and drinks or food that can result in both types of stains. When carpets become faded, discolored or stained, often the hotel or resort owner will replace the carpet. However, that requires a lot of time, loss in revenue, and the financial cost of the new carpet.

How Carpet Dyeing Can Restore Faded & Discolored Carpet

Carpets can be easily recovered, and have been in many instances, by carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing can help restore carpet, remove the appearance of stains and restore the carpets color. Carpet dyeing can restore carpet in a number of ways. Carpet stains are easily recovered, although depending on which type of stain occurred, the recovery process can change. Using dye, the stain is basically blended into the carpet and recovers the previous color before the stain occurred. Carpet can also be recolored to restore the original brightness of the carpet, including solid color as well as patterns. The carpet color can even be changed if the hotel or resort wants to redesign the colors and theme. However, there are some limitations as to what color or hues the carpet can be changed to. Essentially, it will be dictated by the current color as to what colors are possible. Carpet dyeing is becoming very popular in commercial settings, including hotels and resorts. Carpet dyeing is safe and uses non-toxic dye that is non-transferable. Additionally, dyeing carpet can be done much faster depending on how much and the severity of the carpet. Carpet dyeing is also cost effective. The cost of dyeing carpet can be 20% to 80% cheaper than replacing carpet. It helps extend the life of the carpet and saves the hotel and resort money and still have great looking carpets.

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