Maintenance Care & Cost of RV, Boat & Exotic Car Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement in Alpharetta, GA

Commercial businesses and residential homes often get a lot of attention from carpet maintenance companies, to let the business owners and homeowners know of services and carpet caring tips they should be applying for exceptional looking carpets. But what about the carpets in your RVs, boats, classic or exotic cars and all the extra toys you have? The carpets and upholstery therein need love too and we at Carpet Dye-Tech agree. With that being said, we would like to take the opportunity to relate the carpet dyeing service applied to the extra’s equipped with both carpets and upholstery.

Cost of Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

The RVs, boats, exotic cars, and other related toys that come equipped with upholstery and carpeting are often lightly covered or white, installed by the manufacturer in an attempt to make the interiors appear more spacious. But with very little options, walking patterns and regular use makes these carpets and upholstery difficult to keep blemish free. Between labor costs and the expense of new carpet, replacing the carpets may be out of reach with the financial responsibility. For example, the RV is generally featured with less than 100 square feet. But by the time what can be removed is cleared away, the intricate cutting to shape the carpet to fit sufficiently in the allowed space, the process from start to finish can take weeks, leaving your final bill well into the thousands. But replacing your carpets isn’t the only option. In many cases, you can have the carpet and upholstery dyed at a fraction of the cost. Dyeing the stains out or completely changing the color of the old carpets can quite literally leave your carpets looking like new in just a few hours. With carpet dyeing, the surface is left vibrant. The brilliant colors and even tones make the carpets extraordinary.

Caring & Maintaining Dyed Carpets

With modern carpet dyeing methods and techniques, the end results are glorious. Caring for your carpet with regular maintenance such as vacuuming or spot cleaning stains will not alter the integrity of the carpet’s dye, just be sure to use the appropriate cleaning aids when dealing with a stain. Carpets or upholstery to your RV, boat, exotic car, and so forth, can be compromised by beverage or food spills, sun damage, bleach damage, or other similar instances. Opting to have a carpet dyeing service applied to them is financially more sound. By dyeing over the stains and blending it into the existing color, or changing the color all together, you also have a choice in adding some designs without the cost or hassle of replacing the carpets.

RV, Boat & Exotic Car Upholstery & Carpet Dyeing in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta & Atlanta Georgia

Carpet Dye-Tech has many services in keeping the proper maintenance with upholstery and carpets, but we specialize in carpet dyeing. With the use of premium products and equipment, offered exclusively to licensed professionals, your carpets and upholstery in your RV, boat, exotic car; are left looking youthful, vibrant, and blemish free. With our affordable prices, our experts can apply their expertise and talents to properly dye the carpet and upholstery to your extras. Give us a call today to get started!

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