Commercial Carpet Dyeing Process & Methods in Atlanta, GA; Pre-Dyed, Post-Dyed, Continuous Fabric Dyeing & Digital Dye Injections

Having the flexibility of carpet dyeing for your commercial business is an extremely useful tool. With the different techniques available, keeping up with the latest trends, logo and coloring options throughout the years is a lot easier than you might suppose. Carpet dyeing is not only affordable, but during the evolution of carpet dyeing, the latest technology has made carpet dyeing, clean crisp, and easily maintained.

Carpet Dye-Tech expound on the technology and techniques available to custom design your commercial carpets.

Pre-Dyed Yarn: First, let us take a look at pre-dyed yarn. This is basically when white yarn fibers are dyed a single color being tufted into carpet. When the multi-colored patterns are manufactured, the various yarn dyed fibers are intermixed with an additional pre-dyed yarn. Though for the most part yarn is dyed a single color, to get the horizontal striped look after the tufting process, the fibers are dyed several colors on the length of the fiber, this process is referred to as space dyeing.
Post-Dyed Carpet: Very much like yarn dyeing, digital dye injection utilizes the fixing and dyeing process with just one difference, and that is the dye is not injected until the textile is manufactured and the fiber is penetrated with the dye. This process is ideal to incorporate highly defined and meticulously accurate patterns and colors in precise locations on the carpet.
Continuous Dyeing Process: Continuous dyeing processes the fabric through a continuous cascade of dye. By using multiple applicators and different colors, creating carpets with a wide range of different colors and shades is possible.
Fabric Dyeing Technology: To create patterns in the process of pre-dying is accomplished when the colored fibers are tufted into the backing material. Going this route impacts your pattern choice, as tufting yarn is a mechanical process and the designs are limited. Alternating layers of the different fiber colors, and altering which colors are visible is how patterns are created.
Digital Dye Injections: This makes finished carpet tiles possible for dyeing, offering the most liberal in creating designs. From high-resolution half-inch patterns, to patterns as large as your floor plan, digital dye injections make it possible to constitute elaborate patterns that match from tile to tile, and vary in large sizes. You can even have each tile be made to repeat, and match from tile to tile, or even select a completely unique design.

Residential & Commercial Post-Dye Carpet Dyeing in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta & Atlanta Georgia

The varying post-dyed processes will directly apply colors to the carpet, which allows far more freedom in designing as opposed to the pre-dyed processes. Keeping up on daily maintenance, a minimum of annual professional cleaning, and investing in carpet stretching services as time marches by, can preserve your carpet well over 20 years. Selecting the dye variations and techniques can offer you so much more in your carpet, and with Carpet Dye Tech within reach, the color of your carpets can be made brighter as they fade, or even altered to keep up with the latest trends, and even hide unsightly blemishes. Contact Carpet-Dye-Tech for your residential and commercial carpet dyeing needs.

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