How to Fix Bleach Spots on Carpets & Area Rugs in Sandy Springs, GA; Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Bleach Spill Repair

One very common type of stain are bleach spots. Bleach spots occur in homes as well as in any commercial setting. Bleach spots are often associated with stains when they are actually the opposite. A stain is when a substance is added and alters the carpet, leaving behind a discolored spot. A bleach spot is the absence of color in the carpet. A bleaching agent, when exposed to carpet, breaks down the dye and the color can quickly dissipate and fade away leaving behind a pale spot. Until like a stain that can be washed out in most cases, a bleach spot is a permanent mark on the carpet. When bleach spots develop on the carpet they can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will explain how bleach spots occur and how they can be repaired, ensuring beautiful carpets.

What Causes Bleach Spots to Appear on Carpet & Rugs?

Bleach spots develop when the carpet is exposed to a bleaching chemical. A bleaching chemical can be found in many sanitizers, cleaners, chlorine, and even in hygiene products. Even the sunlight can have a similar bleaching effect on carpets. Bleaching chemicals cause the dyes in wool and nylon based carpets to break down until only the original color of the fiber remains. Carpet fiber colors are not natural. The fibers are dyed during manufacturing. This is why the dyes are vulnerable to the bleach. Bleach spots are rather common and are occurring more frequently due to more bleach based cleaners that are used to keep commercial and residential settings clean and free of the COVID-19 virus. With bleach spots happening more frequently, it is good to know that they can be repaired.

Carpet Dye for Bleach Spots

Bleach spots can be repaired by adding dye back into the carpet that has been affected by the bleach. When repairing bleach spots, it is important to repair the bleach spot correctly. One of the first and most important steps to repairing bleach spots is cleaning the site. When cleaning the bleach spot not only does the dirt need to be removed, but the bleach needs to be neutralized. Bleach can remain active in carpet for a long time. If the bleach isn’t removed or neutralized then the bleach spot cannot be repaired. Once the site has been cleaned and the bleach neutralized, then the carpet dye technician will create the dye. Dyes are always created on site to ensure they match the rest of the carpet perfectly. This is the best method, as premade dyes never perfectly match the carpets. The technician will mix the right amount of red, blue, and yellow dyes together to match the color of the carpet. They will need to apply the dye in small quantities, working the dyes in until the bleach spot is repaired. For perfect repairs and timely repairs it is always best to contact the professionals.

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Bleach spots can become very distracting especially in the workplace. They can ruin the aesthetics of the carpet as well as the entire building. Bleach spots can be quickly repaired and look great when you hire a professional carpet dye and bleach spot repair service. For quality bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing, and more contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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