How Do You Fix Bleached & Discolored Hotel Carpets in Johns Creek, GA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

Carpets inside a hotel often need specialty attention. Where carpets are cleaned and vacuumed regularly in a hotel, when they develop stubborn stains, bleach spots or the color appears faded, this is when specialty services are needed. As a hotel owner needs to maintain beautiful carpets, commercial carpet dyeing can be the hotel owner’s greatest ally. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how commercial carpet dyeing can help hotel owners maintain beautiful and flawless carpets.

What is Commercial Carpet Dyeing?

Commercial carpet dyeing is a specialty service that can improve and even restore carpet appearance. They do this by reviving the carpet through applying traditional carpet dyes. When carpets are manufactured, they receive their color or colors toward the end of the manufacturing process. The carpet’s natural color is a whitish yellow color. After it is manufactured, it is dyed. Carpet with one solid color or those with patterns use natural base carpet dyes to give the carpets their color. Most carpet flaws occur when the carpet color has become compromised. Once the carpet’s color is restored, the carpet looks just as new. This is the primary purpose of commercial carpet dyeing. When the carpets look bad, they only need color restoration to make them look great again. Carpet dyeing can help with a number of different carpet problems or flaws.

Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color to Carpets

Commercial carpet dyeing can help correct and restore a number of different problems. To start with, when carpet has become discolored or faded due to UV light, chemical exposure or even as the result of aging, the entire carpet can be redyed. During this process the carpet may need to be cleaned and then a fresh coat of dye will be applied and worked into the carpet’s pile. Once the dye is dry the carpet looks like new again. Not only can carpet dyeing fix faded or discolored carpets, but if the hotel owner needs or desires a different color of carpet, commercial carpet dyeing can change carpet color too! Another rather common problem commercial carpet dyeing can help with are bleach spots and stains. When a bleach spot forms on the carpets, the only way to get rid of them is by restoring the lost pigment. This is done by dyeing over the bleach spot with an accurate dye color to ensure the repair matches the rest of the carpet. Stains that will not wash out can be bleached out and then the bleach spot repaired. Commercial carpet dyeing has a number of different applications and can help hotel owners maintain beautiful and flawless carpets. By maintaining the carpet, you can avoid premature carpet replacement and extend the life of your hotel carpets. Commercial carpet dyeing is also fast, affordable and effective. It is like getting a fresh start with your carpets.

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As hotel owners often need to maintain their carpet to ensure the hotel’s overall quality, it never hurts to have a commercial carpet dyeing service standing by and ready. If you need a quality carpet dyeing service, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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