Color Loss Prevention Tips Carpet Dyeing Restoration for Hotel Maintenance in Pembroke Pines, FL

As hotel owners take much pride in their building they often invest in some of the highest quality carpets. As carpets are considered to be a mandatory investment, most realize that carpet requires proper care to ensure the carpet’s longevity. As keeping carpets vacuumed and cleaned is one of the easier parts of carpet care, preventing stains or faded carpets is another issue. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how to prevent color loss or staining and how to restore carpets that have already been affected.

Chemical Color Loss in Carpet

There are two major contributors to color in carpets: one is chemical and the other is natural. Chemical reactions can cause carpets to lose their color. Oxidizers such as peroxides will cause pigments to fade from carpet. Other chemicals that are hydrochloric or sulfuric, are also another common element that causes fading which can be found in some carpet cleaners. As nylon and wool based carpet vary differently in dyeing methods, different carpet cleaning agents were manufactured. If the wrong type of cleaner is used for the hotel carpet type, it will result in fading of the carpet color. To prevent carpet fading, make sure the carpets are cleaned with the right cleaner and avoid using any oxidizers on the carpets.

Sun Damaged Carpet

There are natural elements that can cause fading in carpets. The number one culprit is sunlight. UV damage can cause carpet dyes to weaken and appear dull and even make the carpet dry and brittle. Hotels often use windows throughout their building. They are in the guest rooms, lobby and more. As windows can allow natural light in during the day which reduces the hotel power usage, the sun light can damage the carpet color. For areas with constant sunlight, it is recommended to cover the carpets with a rug or furniture if possible. There is no real answer to preventing UV damage. However, UV damage is easier to repair with carpet dyeing.

Spots & Stains on Hotel Carpet

Carpet in hotels are exposed to a number of different stains. To prevent nasty stains, they should be cleaned up quickly. As some stains can result in permanent discoloration, they tend to be impossible to remove such as bleach spots, red wine and more. As hotel owners often work hard to keep their carpet clean, there are still some stains that prove far more difficult than others.

Carpet Dyeing Restoration

For stained or faded carpets in hotels, the solution is easy. A professional carpet dyeing service can help revive carpet that has permanent stains or dull colored carpets. For carpet that has lost their vibrant colors, a carpet dye service can come and apply new dye into the carpet for both solid color carpet as well as those with multiple colors and patterns. Stains can also be removed quickly and without the need to disturb the hotel’s revenue. As complete stain prevention or fading is impossible, when carpets are properly cared for, they can easily be revived. With carpet dyeing services, the life and beauty of the carpet can be prolonged, saving the hotel thousands of dollars on carpet replacements.

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