Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color Loss, Stains & Spots in Vacation Rental Home Carpets in Athens, GA

Vacation rentals often find it is hard to maintain their home’s carpets. Carpets require frequent vacuuming and carpet cleaning. However, at times, that is not enough. Carpet in vacation homes develop stains or even lose their once vibrant colors. When carpet loses its color and appears dull and stained, it can make carpets look neglected. ABOUT USCarpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet in vacation rental homes can have a fresh and stain free carpet that ensures a beautiful vacation rental home that everyone will enjoy.

Causes of Color Loss in Carpet Stains or Spots

Carpet can easily be stained by chemicals, drinks and food. Additionally, carpet can lose its original color due to natural and chemical elements. Natural color damage can be caused from sunlight or even dry climates. Chemicals such as high alkaline, bleach, or even the wrong carpet cleaners can cause carpet to lose their color. Needless to say, carpet dyeing services can be a vacation rental manager’s greatest ally. As carpet poses one of the biggest challenges to maintain, carpet dyeing services can help prolong the life of the carpet and ensure they look great. Carpets that have become stained can be very distracting and look improperly cared for. Some stains can never be removed once they make contact with the carpet. Some of the most stubborn stains include ink, coffee and red wine stains. There is, of course, the notorious bleach spots that completely strip out the color or dyes right out of the carpet. Stains and bleach spots can be removed from the carpet. This is done by applying the right color dye over the bleach spot. Stains take an additional step. Often the stain will need to be bleached out and then re-dyed.

Carpet Restoration Color Repair or Color Change

For carpet in vacation rentals that have become dull or faded, know they can be restored with proper cleaning and carpet dyeing. Carpet that has lost their color simply needs a fresh application of dye. A carpet dye expert can easily match the carpet’s original dye formula. Then, using either a carpet cleaning/dyeing machine or a carpet dye sprayer, the entire carpeted area can be dyed restoring its original color. When the carpet in a vacation rental is being dyed, it is recommended to remove all of the furniture to ensure a thorough service. However, carpets in vacation rentals don’t necessarily have to be dyed its original color. Carpet color can be changed. However, the color of the current carpet will dictate what colors the carpet can be dyed. One standard rule is that carpet can be dyed a darker color as you will be applying dyes on top of each other resulting in a darker hue. However, there are a ton of benefits of dyeing carpets a darker color. Darker colors help hide dirt and stains which prolong the need for frequent carpet cleaning and help the aesthetics of the vacation home.

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As vacation rental homes often require you to maintain a pristine appearance, it helps to find a quality carpet dyeing and restoration service to help you. When you have carpet that needs to be dyed or have stains that needs repair and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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