Carpet & Rug Pre & Post Dyeing Technology in Marietta, GA; Space Dyeing, Solid Color Dyes, Multi-Colors & Patterns

We have come across a lot of folks attempting to use crayons to repair the bleached spots or other color damage on their carpets, and we are here to beg you not to try such a travesty. With all the technology coming along in modern times, carpet dyeing has come a long way and it is better than ever. We at Carpet-Dye Tech would like shine the spotlight on some of the technologies involved in carpet dyeing!

Yarn Dyed & Space Dyeing Carpet & Rug Damage Solutions

Yarn dyed fibers are often mixed with other types of pre-dyed yarn, or yarn that was white and with each fiber dyed a single color before being tufted, to achieve multi-color patterns. During the process of yarn dyeing, typically each fiber adds a single color, but to add several colors down the length of the fiber a process known as space dyeing can be used. Once these yarns are tufted into backing material, the horizontal stripes of different colors are developed.

Resist Dyeing to Create Patterns

By tufting colored fibers into a backing material, this pre-dyed process creates patterns. This process can significantly influence your choice of pattern, where designs are obviously limited to the capabilities of the mechanical process while tufting yarn. By alternating layers of the differently colored fibers and alter which strands are visible throughout the course of the process, patterns are created. By this method, colors can be transformed where fibers permit. During the post-dye process you have a greater design freedom than the pre-dyed procedure. Post dye is the application of color directly on the carpet textile. Before the finished textiles are cut into tiles applying color continuously is possible. But, patterning the textiles before cutting can prevent the pattern from repeating appropriately, limiting organizations to random patterns that don’t line up from tile to tile. With digital dye injection, the possibility to add color directly onto the finished carpet tiles adds an even greater degree in flexibility. It allows for more elaborate patterns that will match up from tile to tile a more optimal solution for large spaces and for preferences in higher resolution.

Solid Color Dye Process

The digital dyeing process far excels most methods in creating accurate and high-resolution patterns, where other types of dyeing technology are better at creating the more subtle and solid or near solid colors. For low patterns designs, pre-dyed yarn works optimally, blending seamlessly with different colors of fiber. Continuous dyeing methods work as well for flexibility. Multi-color can be easily created by the application of different dyes and the concentration of the dye.

Lead Times & Order Minimums for Pre-Dyed Carpet

Relying on manufacturers, the carpets with pre-dyed methods often hold an inventory of colored yarn and will encourage higher minimums than other products. In many cases the inventory can run low; especially when your chosen color is no longer in stock and lead times can be delayed until the inventory is replenished.

Carpet & Rug Dyeing in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta & Atlanta Georgia

Both digital injection and continuous dyeing create carpet designs on blank textiles. In an effort to keep lead time down, manufacturers will not have to keep up on inventory of the different colors and types of yarn available, because the unique pattern options and colors can be created more rapidly.

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