Can Bleach Stains Be Reversed in Atlanta, GA? How to Fix, Dye & Remove Bleach Spots from Carpet

There is a common phenomenon that occurs to many homeowners, and that is the appearance, or realization of stains on the carpet, leaving them to wonder how their once beautiful carpet became an unsightly mess. Sometimes the mystery is solved where other times they are not. Bleach spots are often among the blemishes that seem to surface over time. More often than not, it’s because the bleach didn’t dissolve the color of the carpet the instant it made contact. Concentrated bleach, or bleach based cleaners are frequently carried to other locations throughout the home for proper application but will drip on the carpets as you traverse back and forth. Despite how it happened, when bleach hits the carpet there are a few things you should know and we at Carpet Dye-Tech would like to discuss them.

Is a Bleach Spill a Stain?

Bleach stains are not actually stains. A stain suggests a different colored pigment coats the fibers and simply finding the right solvent will restore the carpets color. When bleach spills on the carpet, the color pigment begins to dissolve, lightening the existing color the longer it sits. A bleach spot, mild to severe, results in the same; pigment is gone. To better understand what bleach does to carpet, consider what it does to hair. Most have had highlights in their hair, or know someone who has as common as the trend is. When bleach, often in cream form, is applied to selected pieces of hair, what was once brown, for example, begins lightening until it is a blonde color, with the varying degrees in between. The same principal occurs to carpet when liquid bleach contacts carpet.

How to Treat & Remove Bleach Spots on Carpet

For optimal repairs, the moment you know that bleach has spilled onto your carpets, use a dampened cloth to rinse the area thoroughly. The longer the bleach sits, the lighter the carpet will get. Avoid using colored or printed cloths or paper towels as the dyes can easily transfer to the afflicted carpet areas. Blot the spot by starting at the outer edges and working your way towards the center. When treating the stain, do not over saturate as you rinse the bleach away with blotting. Use a dry cloth in between damp cloth blotting to absorb the liquid as you go. Once finished, blot the area with a clean and dry cloth until the moisture is completely absolved. To ensure the bleach is neutralized, mix together ¼ tsp of liquid dish soap with a cup of warm water in a squirt bottle and moderately apply it to the bleached area, avoid over saturation and allow it to remain 5-10 minutes. Use a dry cloth to pull up the moisture, followed with a cool damp cloth to rinse and the dry the area with a dry towel and weights.

Carpet & Rug Dyeing in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta & Atlanta Georgia

There are some DIY remedies and kits you can try to use to restore the bleached areas color, however, these kits are generic and the color will never be completely repaired. They can also result in making it worse, resulting in uneven color and crocking which occurs when dye rubs off. Contacting Carpet Dye-Tech will ensure your carpet’s color is fully restored with quality dyes. Our specialists will match the colors, whether it is solid color or a patterned design. The match is precise and we will repair the blemish with a seamless blend. If bleach has affected your carpets, or you have another need for carpet dyeing, call in the pros of Carpet Dye-Tech today for immediate restoration.

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