Carpet Dyeing Restoration Can Fix Many Common Carpeting Problems in Alpharetta, GA!

Rugs and carpets are frequently used in homes and businesses. Carpets and rugs are a great flooring material that bring a soft and fluffy surface to walk on. They also enhance the interior look and design. However, carpets and rugs can develop many different types of blemishes or flaws from many different sources. When carpets and rugs develop permanent blemishes, the carpet can be restored. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share some of the common causes for flaws in carpets and rugs and tell you how they can be repaired.

Bleach Spots on Carpets & Rugs Don’t Have to Be Permanent!

Bleach spots are notorious blemishes on both carpet and rugs. When a chlorine or bleaching agent comes in contact with the dyed fibers, the pigment dissipates. Within a short period of time the exposure from the bleach spot will permanently blemish the carpets. Bleaching agents are everywhere. They are found in laundry (whites) detergents, household cleaners, and even in hygiene products. When these types of bleaching agents come in contact with the carpet they will leave behind the bleach spot. Luckily, bleach spots on both carpets and rugs can be repaired. The first step in repairing a bleach spot is to clean the site and then apply a bleach neutralizer. Many bleach repairs fail because the bleaching agent isn’t neutralized first. The next step is applying a dye formula that accurately matches the rug or carpet. Within a short period of time the bleach spots are repaired, giving you beautiful carpets and rugs once more.

Fading of Carpets & Rugs Can Be Corrected

Fading occurs in both carpet and rugs over time. It is said that 3% of the colors are lost each year in carpet and rugs. You cannot stop the effects of time. However, some other reasons for premature fading can be due to UV light exposure and improper carpet cleaning. When you have windows with sunlight beaming through them most of the day and every day, the UV light breaks down the dye’s compounds, causing them to fade. Occasionally, the wrong cleaning agents are applied to carpet and rugs that can have negative effects including fading or bleeding. Bleeding is when the dye separates from the fibers and run out. When either carpets or rugs fade, they can also be repaired. Dyes can be reapplied to the carpet and rugs restoring there original coloring. During the dying process, the color of your carpet and rugs can be changed if desired.

Discoloration of Carpets & Rugs Can Be Fixed

Carpets and rugs can experience discoloration which alters their colors. Discoloration is usually due to some kind of exposure. For example dirt can make the carpet or rug turn a grayish color. Yellow pigmentation can also occur due to photo oxidation. The wrong cleaning chemicals can also alter the color of your rugs and carpets. By applying dye, the color can be corrected and made to look new again. Often both carpet and rugs will undergo a thorough cleaning before they are redyed. Once finished the carpet and rugs are clean and look like new.

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