Can You Permanently Dye Commercial Hotel Carpets in Marietta, GA? Carpet Dyeing Restoration!

Carpet dyeing is a great specialty service that can help hotel owners maintain their carpets. Carpet dyeing services is a specialty service that focuses on redyeing and restoring the carpet’s color and aesthetics. Due to the constant exposure from guests and staff, the carpet inside a hotel requires a lot of care and the occasional color and aesthetic restoration. Today, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpet dyeing services can help restore your hotel carpets.

What Causes Discoloration on Hotel Carpet?

Carpet inside the hotel is exposed to a lot of different elements. Food, drinks, cleaners, foot traffic and even the sun can cause a number of different problems for the hotel carpet. Carpets inside a hotel can develop fading, discoloration, stains and bleach spots. All of these types of carpet flaws can be restored and more, with carpet dyeing services. Depending on the type of problem the carpet has, there are different ways to deal with each problem.

Can You Dye a Whole Carpet?

Carpet that has fading or discoloration may need the entire carpet redyed. If so, the hotel owner needs “whole room carpet dyeing”. The entire surface of the carpet will be dyed to bring balance and an evenly colored carpet. Dyeing the entire room helps to revive the color and life of the carpet. Depending, on the condition of the carpets, they may need to be deep cleaned before the dyeing process. It is important that the carpets are free of any particles or substances that may be inside the carpet. The carpet dyeing specialist will create a dye formula of the carpet’s original coloring. If desired, the hotel owner can even request a color change of their carpets. The carpet’s color can be changed and altered by dyeing them a new color. Ask the carpet dye specialist about what new color options you can have in the event you wish to change the color of your carpets. The new dye will soak in and bind to the carpet. This process brings back new and vibrant colors in the carpets.

Stain & Bleach Spot Removal from Carpets

However, carpet will not just develop fading and discoloration. Carpets inside your hotel can develop smaller problems that have a major impact. Stains and bleach spots can be small but those are major problems. Bleach spots and stains make the carpet look poorly maintained and dirty. Even with professional cleaning nothing is going to take away the effect bleach spots and stains have on the carpet. Both stains and bleach spots can be repaired. Stains that will not wash out are called specialty stains. If these stains will not wash out they will be bleached out. Repairing a bleach spots, whether to remove a stain or spots from chemical exposure, those bleach spots are repaired with carpet dyeing. Bleach spots are cleaned and treated with a bleach neutralizer to ensure the dyes bind to the carpet. A carpet dye specialist can match the dyes to the rest of the carpet, ensuring the colors match perfectly. Bleach spot repairs will blend in and match the rest of the carpet ensuring flawless repairs.

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