Should I Replace My Carpets & Rugs or Dye them in Roswell, GA? Are they Good Quality? How Long Does Carpeting Last in a House?

The first thing people notice when they first enter a home is often the flooring. It’s the largest surface area in the house and since you’re in constant contact with it, floors are quickly assessed by your guests and potential homebuyers if you are trying to sell your abode. So if the carpet doesn’t look good, it’s definitely an unfair judgment on your housekeeping abilities and overall care of your home. If your carpeting is faded, discolored, stained, or simply an undesirable color; most folks are turned off. Can the carpets be adjusted to put them in a better light? In many cases, spending the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to re-carpet your home is not a wise investment. So what is the alternative? Consider carpet dyeing!

Carpet Replacing or Dyeing?

There are several contributing factors that will need to be taken into account when deciding if carpet dyeing is the right service for you. Consider the following:
– Grade of carpet
– Age of carpet
– Condition of carpet
With the application of a new color dye to the carpet fibers, it can cover up blemishes as experts have the capability to match the preexisting shade and make the carpet unified and like new once again. With a carpet dye job, the service is an easy, quick, cost effective and efficient way to restore old carpeting without the additional expenses. On average, carpet dyeing is a third of the cost of carpet replacement. However, some carpeting may not last more than another year or two, whether you dye it or not depending on its condition. There are a few circumstances that might require the carpet to need stretching or cut-and-plug repair for isolated stains. Before you make any final decisions, consult with a professional on your options.

Understanding Carpet Dyeing

Carpet dyeing isn’t like painting a piece of wood where the color is uniform. Specialists are trained in color coordinating concepts as well as technique. Unlike other home improvements, you don’t want this project to be noticed; you want it to appear as natural and seamless as possible. In an effort to accomplish this feat, professionals use unique techniques, methods, and supplies, products and equipment combined so the dye remains invisible to the naked eye.

Carpet Spot Removal

Unless spots were caused by bleach, stains aren’t perfectly white. They still contain some kind of colored pigment to them. In order to get back the original color of the fabric, the stain has to be offset by a counteracting color, which takes a lot of training, specific knowledge, and expert application in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

Carpet Re-Coloring

If you want to recolor your carpet, you need to understand that if your original carpeting is yellow and you want it brown, there is a process to get it there. Dyeing carpet to a different color can only go darker, the process does not permit the carpet fibers to go lighter.

Carpet Dyeing Safety Supplies

Certified technicians only use products that are safe for the environment, children, and pets but effective at accomplishing the task at hand. Plus, these dyes instantly colorfast to the fibers and cannot be rubbed, walked, or vacuumed off; ensuring a lifelong result.

Rug Dyeing

Since area rugs are meant to be a focal point, it’s important they don’t appear shabby or ragged. But new rugs are sometimes just as expensive as nice carpeting. Though carpet dyeing can’s repair all rug damage, it can easily help conceal minor defects. However, rug dyeing isn’t just covering up spots. Skilled technicians like we have at Carpet Dye-Tech can also replicate Oriental rug designs or create their own intricate borders and patterns!

Carpet & Rug Dyeing & Restoration in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta & Atlanta Georgia

If you have carpets or rugs in need of dyeing, trust in the experts of Carpet Dye-Tech and contact us today!

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