How Can Carpet Dyeing Restore Area Rugs in Alpharetta, GA? Repair Fading, Discoloration, Permanent Stains & Bleach Spots

When you use an area rug in your living area, it is meant to be the focal point of the room a lot of the time. Maintaining the appearance of your area rug is important. You want to avoid your area rug looking shabby and ragged. To replace the rug can cost a pretty penny, which leaves you wanting to repair the rug you currently have. Carpet-Dye Tech would like to talk about the benefits of having your area rugs dyed in order to restore them. Certain colors react differently to variables that can cause damage to your rugs.

Oriental & Persian Rug Fading

The color that is most affected by sun fading, is color that has red as a dominant element. Many Oriental and Persian rugs are made up of colors with more red tones. This would include corals, burgundies, oranges and ambers. They are what make the vibrant look of Persian rugs so beautiful. These colors are, however, greatly impacted by sun exposure. You will notice they are highly susceptible to sun fading, and if you are placing them in a room that gets a large amount of sun, it can be a real problem. You can avoid this issue with the use of window films, blinds and curtains. Anything that will keep that sun from beating down on your vibrant rug.

Chemical Effects on Color; Fading & Discoloration

When you clean your area rugs with harsh chemicals, it can also cause fading. The color that is most affected by harsh cleaners is blue. Any colors that have a blue tone will be damaged when the use of harsh alkaline detergents are used. Blue dye is considered an unstable color and this shows when you clean blue rugs with harsh cleaners. You won’t notice a drastic difference in color the first time you use a harsh cleaner on your blue rug, but over time, you will notice that the color changes.

Bleach Spots; How to Fix Bleached Rugs

Bleach is not a friend to any shade of color. It will ruin any color your area rug is made of when bleach makes contact with your rug’s fibers. If your rugs are used in high traffic areas, you will notice staining over time as well. Even when you have your rugs professionally cleaned, it can seem like the stains will reappear over time. If you have a stain that you feel is permanent or spots that have come in contact with bleach, carpet dyeing might be the answer to your problem.

Don’t Try to Dye an Area Rug Yourself; Especially Antique Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are often made of delicate fibers with complex designs. Attempting to dye your area rug on your own can result in a ruined rug. This is especially true with rugs that are old or antiques.

Persian, Oriental & Antique Area Rug & Carpet Dyeing in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta & Atlanta Georgia

Before you replace your area rug with a new one, consider having it restored. Carpet Dye-Tech can restore the colors in your area rugs to their original vibrancy. With trained technicians, we have the proper tools and skills to restore your rugs to their original condition. Call for an appointment today!

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