Color Restoration of Faded Hotel Carpets in Stonecrest, GA; Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & More

Hotel managers must maintain a clean and perfect looking hotel. Guests often judge a hotel as soon as they walk through the doors. If they feel the hotel isn’t clean or cared for, they often do not return. A hotel’s survival depends on its aesthetics. When they carpets inside a hotel begins to look run down and have lost its bright colors, the entire hotel will look aged and not maintained. Guests will judge harshly when they see stains or bleach spots on the carpets. When a hotel manager needs help maintaining perfect carpets, they only need to seek a carpet dyeing service. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing and restoration services can help save the hotel manager time and money when it comes to maintaining beautiful carpets.

How Do You Fix Discolored Carpet?

When carpet looks dull, has stains that will not wash out, or develops bleach spots, the hotel manager may consider investing in new carpets. Replacing carpet is not an easy decision for a hotel owner to make. Replacing carpet not only is expensive, but the hotel will need to close down rooms or areas of the hotel while the carpets are being replaced. Carpet replacement interrupts profit and other hotel activities. However, there is a faster and more affordable alternative; the carpet can be restored instead! Carpet inside a hotel is always vacuumed daily and deep cleaned every few months. Carpets inside a hotel can last a very long time, and its appearance is the first thing to go. If the carpet appearance is maintained and improved, a hotel manager can get decades out of their carpets.

Can You Restore or Change the Color of Your Carpets?

Carpets that have lost their bright and beautiful color can be dyed again, thereby renewing the carpet’s color. This simple task of dyeing the carpet can add years to the carpet’s life. Carpet dyeing is fast. We can dye even large areas or rooms within a few hours. The dye used for carpets are completely safe and will not bother guests. Once the dye has bonded to the carpet’s fiber, it will not wash out, which means the hotel staff can still continue cleaning the carpet without worry. If the hotel manager wishes to change the color of their carpet, carpet dyeing can even alter the carpet’s color. With carpet dyeing the hotel manager can restore or change the color of the carpet without the need of replacing the carpets.

Stubborn Stain & Bleach Spot Removal

Hotel carpet that has stains that will not come out, even with the best of cleaning methods and equipment, can still be removed. A carpet dyeing specialist can remove any stain. They do this by bleaching out the stain which will remove the discoloration from the stain. However, you will be left with a bleach spot which must also then be repaired. When removing a stain or repairing a bleach spot, the area is redyed. A carpet dye specialist can easily repair bleach spots and make sure the repairing dye color matches the rest of the carpet perfectly. After the bleach spot is repaired you will not be able to see or know where the bleach spot ever was.

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