Will Bleach Discolor Carpets in Warner Robins, GA? How Do You Fix Bleached Spots with Carpet Dyeing Services?

The notorious bleach spots are feared by homeowners and commercial carpet owners alike. Bleach spots leave its mark on carpet permanently. Nothing can remove a bleach spot once they occur. However, you can repair bleach spots. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to break down why bleach spots happen and how they can be repaired, thereby saving your carpets.

What Happens if You Spill Bleach on Carpet?

Bleach on carpets may react differently depending on the material used to make the carpet. Wool and nylon fabrics are frequently used to make carpets. Carpet with these material are manufactured and then dyed, which make these types of fabric more vulnerable to bleaching. Bleach is an anti-color chemical that breaks down the dye’s compounds, causing the color to disappear. As a result, you will have white or light yellowish spots on the carpet known as bleach spots. When bleach contacts the carpet it will break down the dye. Bleach will then remain dormant in the carpet until it is activated again. Bleach can be reactivated by exposure to moisture, including humidity. If enough moisture is applied to the carpet with the bleach, the bleach spot can spread and become even bigger. This is but one reason why you should never ignore bleach spots when they occur. Additionally, bleach in the carpet, if it makes contact with the skin, can cause skin irritations including rashes on people and animals. Bleach is also bad on the respiratory system. Basically bleach spots are not just terrible for the carpet, but also to those who are exposed to the chemical.

How Do You Fix a Bleached Spot on Carpet?

When bleach spots occur you should seek bleach spot repairs. Not only will the color be restored to the carpet, but the bleach will also be neutralized. When repairing bleach spots a professional carpet dye specialist will first clean the site and remove any dirt and particles in the carpet. During the cleaning process, the bleach neutralizer will be applied. By neutralizing the bleach the carpet can be dyed and the harmful effects of the bleach eliminated at the same time. After the bleach site has been cleaned and treated with the neutralizer, the carpet is ready to be dyed. A carpet dye specialist is highly trained and can make a perfect dye color to match your carpet flawlessly. It may be surprising to learn you cannot buy your carpet dye. You may find colors that are close but they are never a perfect match. This is because manufacturers do not sell their dyes which means to get a perfect matching dye color, it must be made. Dye colors are made by mixing red, blue, and yellow dyes in the right portions together to create a color. With the perfect dye color mixed and ready, the dye is then applied to the carpet. Once the dye fully dries, it will not wash out or rub off. Additionally, the dyes are completely safe and are non-toxic.

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When you have bleach spots in your home or in your business, simply seek out bleach spot repair services. For quality bleach spot repairs and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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