What Causes Color Fading in Murfreesboro, TN Hotels? Can Carpet Dyeing Revive Carpets?

When walking through your hotel you may begin to notice that your carpets are looking a bit dull or faded in color. Faded and dull carpets look terrible and often pose a negative outlook on the hotel. For those who own or manage a hotel, faded carpet simply will not do. But why does carpet fade and is there anything that can be done to correct the unsightly fading? Yes, there is! Today Carpet Dye-Tech will share some of the common causes for carpet fading and how a hotel carpet restoration can improve the carpet’s appearance.

Causes of Carpet Fading

There are a number of different elements that can cause carpet to fade and to lose its color, starting with sunlight. Often hotels have large glass walls, windows and doors. You may notice some of the first areas on the carpet to look faded are the areas exposed to sunlight. The UV rays from the sun breaks down the dyes in the carpet fibers. As the dyes break down they will appear lighter. Another common cause for carpet fading is chemical exposure. Sometimes the wrong chemical cleaning agent is used on the carpets. Some chemical agents can strip the carpets of its color and cause them to fade dramatically. Basic wear and tear often from constant foot traffic also has its effects on the carpet’s color. Foot traffic introduces dirt and other contaminants from outside that discolors and breaks down the carpet’s color. Another major element that breaks down color is moisture. Excessive and prolonged exposure to moisture can also cause carpet to fade. Sometimes during carpet cleaning, an inexperienced technician may over soak the carpets which can lead to fading. Lastly, carpet will simply fade over time. As carpet ages they will lose their once vibrant colors. It is said that 3% of the color vibrancy fades every year.

Can Faded Carpet Color Be Revived & Restored?

For a hotel owner, it is never good to have faded or dull looking carpets. When the carpet fades they tend to look misused or old. Faded carpet can create a bad look for the hotel in general as well. For a hotel, it is very important to maintain the carpet’s appearance. When carpet fades, the hotel owner doesn’t have to rush out to have the carpets replaced. A hotel manager or owner can have their carpet’s color restored with professional carpet dyeing. When carpets fade, they simple need to have fresh dye applied to the carpet. When dyeing carpets a professional carpet dyeing service will often deep clean the carpets to ensure there isn’t any dirt or other elements that can prevent the dyes from binding to the carpet. When repairing faded carpets, the hotel owner can choose to restore the carpet’s original color or even change the color of their carpets. Methods of applying the dyes can vary. It will often depend on the type of carpet and if the carpet has multiple colors and or patterns. However, after redyeing the carpets, the carpet will look new. You can maintain and prevent carpet fading with regular carpet dyeing. A hotel owner can have clean and beautiful carpets to enhance the quality of their hotel.

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