Professional Carpet Dyeing Services & Bleach Spot Repair for Hotels in Kissimmee, FL

In hotel complexes, one can find lobbies and entryways, hotel rooms, gift shops, workout rooms, entertainment and dining areas and much more. Many of these rooms and areas will have carpet. Carpet provides a soft surface and helps improve energy efficiency and reduce noise. Many hotels often replace carpets frequently due to rapid wear of the carpet from high traffic. Carpet Dye-Tech is helping facilities across the east coast extend the life of the carpet and restore their vibrant colors with carpet dyeing services, include carpet in hotels.

Does Carpet Dyeing Work to Restore Color?

Carpet in hotels are victim to soiling due to foot traffic, faded carpet, and stains. Carpet fades for a number of reasons and not just because of age. Carpet can fade or become discolored prematurely due to improper cleaning methods, over cleaning, UV sunlight damage, exposure, and of course, from high foot traffic. When carpet fades often it will look old and worn down. This can provide a distraction and reflect negatively on the hotel and the likelihood of repeat guests. However, carpet can be restored using carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing can color the carpet and make it look new!

Carpet Dyeing Process

First the carpet is first thoroughly cleaned. The carpet is then dyed either its original color or a new color altogether. Hotel management or owners can color their carpets a new color if desired. Recoloring the carpet a new color can help prevent carpet waste when a color or theme is changed within the building. There are few limitation on what the carpet can be changed to. In most cases, the carpet can be dyed a different but darker color. When carpets are is dyed the dye is made from a natural, environmentally friendly mixture. The dye will not rub onto socks, shoes or clothing. This is essential. Dyeing carpet is fast and efficient. Once the carpet is cleaned, the dyeing process begins. This will only take a few hour depending on the size of the carpeted area. However, carpets with multiple colors or patterns will take longer to dye. In such cases, small sections are dyed with a handheld air brush tool which takes longer.

Stain and Bleach Spot Repair

Hotel carpet will also become stained with altering substances such as food coloring, dyes, and inks which can leave permanent stains in the carpet. Bleach or chlorine can also spill onto the carpet leaving pale or white colored spot in the carpet. Stains and bleach spots can be easily repaired using carpet dyeing techniques. The discoloration is treated with a dye mixture to match the stain with the rest of the carpet color. Stain and spot repair is fast and easy and can restore the aesthetics of the carpet within 30 minutes or so.

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Carpet dyeing services can help benefit hotels by extending the life of the carpet. The newly dyed carpet provides a new and clean quality to the hotel premises. Carpet dyeing is faster than carpet replacement and it is cheaper and more convenient. To save time and money when your carpet needs refreshing, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today and have us help restore your carpets today.

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