Professional Carpet Dyeing for Offices in Jackson, MS to Restore Color Loss, Fading & More

There are a number of commercial venues that use carpet. Often commercial center carpets are exposed to a lot of foot traffic and wear. Today let’s focus on professional offices and take a look at how the carpet undergoes various types of deterioration. This wear often leads to the need for the carpets to be replaced. Before you replace the carpet, know there is another answer. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help maintain clean, and new looking carpets which help saves the cost and down time of carpet replacement in offices.

Advantages of Carpet Flooring in an Office Building

Office buildings will use carpet for many reasons. One reason is that carpet offers a soft and absorbent surface. Carpet helps absorb sounds which reduces echoes and the sound of footsteps. This helps reduce distractions in a work environment like an office. Offices and other commercial buildings will use carpets to maintain the temperature inside the building which helps improve the HVAC system’s efficiency and reduces the electrical drain in the facility. Where carpet provides so many benefits it is easy to see why they are widely used. However, maintaining carpet can be tricky. Carpet requires regular cleaning to help extend the life of the carpet and ensure a healthy environment.

Office Carpet Fading, Color Loss & Discoloration

Carpets inside offices often develop stains and discoloration. Over time carpet can lose their color either from improper or frequent carpet cleaning, or even due to sunlight damage which often lightens the carpet. High foot traffic often results in grayish brown trails in the carpet. This is most often seen in walkways and halls. Of course stains can also accrue from spills from drinks and even cleaning chemicals. Bleach is a common cleaner used in office buildings to ensure all germs and bacteria are properly treated. However, bleach or cleaners that contain bleach can permanently remove color from carpets. Since carpets are prone to a number of discoloration and wear causes, the carpet needs to be replaced before it is actually worn out. However, before replacing the carpet, consider using carpet dye services to recover commercial carpets.

Restoring Carpet Color with Dyeing Services

Carpet dyeing services can recover and restore carpet from discoloration and stains. Carpet can even be recolored a different color to help reduce the waste and save money and time. Carpet dye services can help restore the carpet color after it has faded away either due to frequent cleaning, high foot traffic, or sunlight damage. When carpets in whole rooms need to be dyed they can be cleaned much like a regular carpet cleaning. A dye mixture of the original color is added back into the carpet reviving the carpet back to its original state. Carpet dyeing services can also repair stains including bleach spots by placing color back into the carpet. A mixture is again created and applied over the bleach spot, blending the dye back into the carpet. Another common service for carpet dye companies is to dye the entire carpet, meaning changing the color of the carpet completely. This can be done with a few limitations, namely having to go to a darker color as opposed to lighter. By redyeing the carpet it helps reduce the need for replacing the carpet.

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Replacing carpet in an office building can be costly and take time. Carpets must be removed and new carpet installed which means the entire room must be cleared out. This can have a dramatic effect on production of the office. Instead of replacing the carpets consider seeking out a dye service and see how it can help save you money and time. For professional carpet dye services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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