How to Get Old White or Yellow Bleach Spots Out of Carpet in Johns Creek, GA; Carpet Dyeing & Color Restoration

Bleach spots are found on carpet in almost every commercial setting. Bleach spots are well known to occur on carpet in hotels, offices, casinos, and so much more. When carpets develop bleach spots it can leave a permanent mark on the carpet. For commercial settings with bleach spots on the carpets, many owners will think that they must live with these spots. However, bleach spots can be repaired in any commercial setting. Carpet Dye-Tech will share what bleach spots are and how they can be repaired.

White or Yellow Spots on Carpet?

Bleach spots are not like stains. Regular stains can be washed out and cleaned to restore the carpet. Bleach spots cannot be washed out or cleaned. Bleach spots are the absence of color or dye in the carpet. Bleach spots occur when a bleaching substance came in contact with the carpet. There are a number of bleaching substances that can cause these spots. The obvious are bleach, cleaning chemicals, chlorine, and hygiene products. Once a bleaching substance contacts with the carpet, it will likely strip out the dye in the carpet. Minor exposure may result in discoloration or mild lightening. Essentially, bleach spots occur when the dye in the carpet is compromised and then often needs correction to repair them.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Bleach Spots

Bleach spots can be repaired and fairly quickly depending on its size and the style of the carpet. For carpet with patterns and colorful designs, repairing bleach spots may require more time as each color and pattern is repaired with detail. When repairing bleach spots, the color needs to be restored. Oddly enough severe bleach spots are easier to repair. The more dye that has been removed the easier the bleach spot is to repair. When the bleach spot is light and almost white in color, the dye technician only needs to put the dye back into the carpet.

How to Remove a Minor Bleach Spot from Carpets

When the bleaching is minor it can result in discoloration and not a complete bleaching. When the carpet is discolored and is not completely bleached out, it requires a few extra steps to repair the bleach spot. When there is bleaching discoloration the carpet dye technician will need to finish bleaching out the carpet. Using a bleaching agent the carpet dye technician will remove the discoloration until the spot has been removed of all pigment. Once the carpet has been fully bleached out, the carpet dye technician can repair the spot. Often a dropper, or occasionally, a small hand held spray is used to apply the dye into the carpet. The dye is applied in small amounts at a time to blend the dye into the carpet.

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For commercial settings with bleach spots, know they can be repaired within a short period of time. Commercial property owners can seek out professional carpet dyeing services to come and repair carpets that have unsightly bleach spots. For commercial bleach spot repair, total carpet dyeing and more you can seek professional carpet dyeing services. For quality carpet dyeing services contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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