How Do You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet in Orlando, FL? Neutralize Spot & Carpet Dyeing to Put Color Back!

Bleach spots are a common problem that occurs on carpets in both commercial and residential buildings. Carpets are prone to bleach spots as they are dyed during manufacturing. If a bleaching chemical contacts the dye in the carpet, it will dissipate the color dye from the carpet. Once bleach spots develop on the carpet they cannot be cleaned with traditional stain removal techniques. However, they can be fixed. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired.

Need to Put Color Back into Carpet

When carpets develop a bleach spot, it is the result of the dye used to color the carpet being stripped out of the carpet. When the color in the carpet has been stripped out, it cannot be washed clean. To get rid of the bleach spot you will need to restore the dye back into the carpet. This can easily be done with professional bleach spot repairs. When hiring a professional bleach spot repair service, they will take all of the necessary steps to ensure a perfect and quality repair.

How Do You Neutralize Bleach Stains (Spots)?

When a professional service arrives they will first evaluate the bleach spots. Some bleach spots are not fully bleached out. This means there is still some pigment that is discolored. Minor bleaching can be a problem during a repair. The discolored carpet can be harder to repair as the dyes may not match the rest of carpet. If needed, the minor bleach spots may need to be bleached out completely to ensure the repairs perfectly matches the rest of the carpet. If bleaching isn’t needed, then the first step is cleaning the site. When cleaning the bleach spot, it is important that the bleach in the carpet is neutralized. Bleach remains active and if not neutralized the dyes will not absorb and bind to the carpet’s fibers. Once the bleach in the carpet has been neutralized the site is ready to repair.

Perfect Match Carpet Dye

One of the benefits of a professional service is they have the ability to create a perfectly matching dye formula. They do this by mixing the proper amount of red, blue, and yellow dyes together. The dyes must be made by hand as it is impossible to find a perfect dye color in a store. Once the dyes have been mixed it is ready to be applied to the carpet. When dyeing a bleach spot it is important to add the proper amount of dye and not to over soak the carpet. You do not want the dyes to bleach out and pass the bleach spot. This is why a professional will use a dripper or a syringe. Depending on the size of the bleach, other tools may be used. The dye is carefully applied in small amounts at a time and then blended into the carpet. Once the dye has been applied and has finished drying, the dye has completely bound itself to the carpet’s fibers. Once the dye is dried they will never rub off the carpet nor will they bleed or wash out the next time you clean your carpets. You will have bleach spot free carpets within a matter of minutes.

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