How Do You Color Correct Discolored Hotel Carpets in Fort Lauderdale, FL? Carpet Dyeing Restoration

Carpets fill the halls, rooms and lobbies of many hotels. Hotel owners use carpets as they bring wonderful color to the hotel. Carpets help to reduce noise and disturbances inside the hotel as well. Carpet also adds comfort and is an excellent choice to better insulate the building. Carpets can greatly benefit a hotel. When carpet begins to look dull in color or develops other problems such as bleach spots or stubborn stains, the hotel owner or manager can have the carpet restored! Carpets with aesthetic problems can be restored with commercial carpet dyeing. If a hotel has carpet that needs its appearance restored, Carpet Dye-Tech will share how commercial carpet dyeing works.

How Does Dyeing Carpets Work?

There is a lot to know about how carpet dyeing works. For a hotel owner who has carpet that need to be restored, often it help to understand the process and concepts of carpets dyeing. Following are some of the concepts and processes of commercial carpet dyeing.
Not All Carpet Dye is the Same: When repairing carpet color it is important to use the right type of dye. Food color, ink, or hair dye is not the same types of dye. Carpets use a special type of dye that is formulated with acidic properties which is designed to bind with the carpet fibers. Additionally, the dye colors are not pre-made. Instead, carpet dye comes in combinations of red, blue and yellow. With the various combinations, the color will create a wide range of colors.
Carpet Cleaning First: Dirt and other substances that are often found in carpets can interfere and prevent the dyes from binding to the carpets. To ensure accurate color correction, the carpet will need to be cleaned. Many carpet dyeing services will clean the carpets before they can be dyed. In some cases the carpets may not need to be cleaned, especially if the carpet was recently cleaned by the hotel owner. However, if the carpet does require cleaning, it will add to the commercial carpet dyeing process.
Stay Off of the Carpets: When dyeing the carpets, the carpet will often be cleaned and then dyed. Until the carpet is fully dried the carpet should not be walked on. It can take up to 24 hours for the carpet to fully dry. Once the carpets are completely dried out, the furniture and guests can be allowed to walk on the carpets. For major walkways, like hallways, sections of the halls can be dyed at a time to allow access to rooms and other areas of the hotel if needed.
Not All Carpet Can Be Dyed: Some carpet cannot be dyed. Natural based carpet such as silks or wool carpet can be dyed. However, synthetic carpet such as nylon carpet are made from a plastic like material and these carpets will not absorb the dyes. The hotel owner will need to know which type of carpet they have in their hotel.
Carpet Color Changes: When a hotel owner needs the carpets dyed, they can choose to change the color of their carpets. When changing the carpet’s color, the color will be dyed a shade darker than the previous color. This is because the new dye will be applied over the current color of the carpet, which will cause the new carpet color to be slightly darker.

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