How Do I Get My Hotel Carpet Back to its Original Color in Milton, GA? Carpet Dyeing Restoration

Carpets inside your hotel often need to be vacuumed and deep cleaned in order to maintain the hotel’s aesthetics. However, there may come a time where the carpet may no longer look fresh or clean, even with all of the vacuuming and deep cleaning. Over time the actual color of the carpet can become weakened or altered. When the carpet develops color issues such as stains, bleach spots, fading or discoloration, some owners may consider their carpets lost. Before a hotel owner commits to carpet replacements, there is another option. When the carpet color has been compromised in some way, the carpet’s color can be restored which will renew the beauty of the hotel carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet color can be restored with commercial carpet dyeing.

Need to Brighten a Dingy Carpet

Commercial carpet dyeing can help hotel owners maintain and even restore their carpets. When carpet develops flaws such as stains, bleach spots, color fading or discoloration, carpet dyeing helps to restore the carpet color. Carpet aesthetics mostly depend on the quality of the dye or color. Carpets are dyed their brilliant colors, so when carpet color becomes compromised, it is often restored by dyeing the carpets. Commercial carpet dyeing has a few different services or methods of dyeing the carpets. Depending on the condition of the carpet, different methods of carpet dyeing will be used.

Make Discolored Carpet Look New Again

When the carpets develop fading or discoloration, these types of problems are often corrected with whole room carpet dyeing. The entire surface of the carpet is covered with a fresh application of a quality carpet dye. When doing a whole room carpet dyeing procedure, the hotel owner can have the carpet color restored either to its original coloring or they can even alter the color of the carpet. Yes, carpets can be dyed a different color. If the hotel owner wants to change the color of their carpet, this is possible without the need to replace the carpet. Carpet dyeing can change the color of the carpets, however, when changing the color of the carpets often they will come a shade darker than the previous color.

Carpet Stain & Spot Repair

Another commercial carpet dyeing service is repairing smaller areas of the carpet. When carpet develops stains or bleach spots, the entire carpet doesn’t necessarily need to redyed. Stains that develop on the carpet that simply will not wash out may need to be stripped out. Stains can be treated with a mild bleaching agent which will strip out the pigment of the stain. However, it will also remove the dye in the carpets. Before the task can be considered finished, the created bleach spot will be repaired. As you may have guessed, bleach spots are repaired with carpet dyeing. Whether a bleach forms due to an accidental exposure or when removing a stain, to repair a bleach spot requires the site to be dyed. A carpet dye specialist can accurately match the dye with the rest of carpet, ensuring the site of the bleach spot disappears completely.

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When your hotel has carpet that do not look great and need a bit of color restoration, you need a commercial carpet dyeing service. For quality carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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