How Do Hotels Keep Carpets Clean & Bright in Columbus, GA? Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Removal

Hotels big and small often seek carpet dyeing services to help revive as well as maintain the coloring of their carpets. Carpet dyeing is a valuable way to maintain fresh and clean carpets while extending the life of the carpets. Hotels often have a tough time maintaining clean, vibrant, and stain free carpet due to the nature of the building. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services help to revive carpets in hotels.

Carpet Dye Contractors Help Revive Color in Carpets

Hotel carpets withstand a high volume of foot traffic, which causes traffic patterns and soiling. Soiling can cause carpet to develop gray to brown streaks in the carpet and can even thin out the carpet fibers. Along with high traffic, carpets often get stains from hygiene products, drinks and food. Areas with large windows can lose their color due to UV damage. With so many elements fighting against carpets it comes as no surprise they may require specialty services. Carpet dye services don’t just help clean. They also revive the carpet color.  Carpet dyeing is a specialty service that can revive carpet with a number of different problems.

Carpet Dyeing Same or Darker Color

Carpet dyeing is now a common service where the entire carpeted area can be dyed, thus reviving its original coloring. This service is useful for carpet that has dulled over time, is faded from UV exposure, or from improper carpet cleaning. When carpet colors are faded, dull and need redyeing, it is important to know that the carpet color can also be altered. Often hotels will undergo color and theme alterations. When this occurs, the carpet color can be dyed a new and different color to match the new theme. There are some limitations as carpet can only be dyed a darker color. Once carpet has been dyed, either to its original color or a new color, they are deep cleaned and their coloring is like new. Hotel management often seeks carpet dyeing services to help maintain beautiful carpets.

Bleach Spot Repair

Another common battle in hotels are carpet stains. While most stains with proper techniques can be removed, some blemishes may be permanent, such as bleach spots. Bleach isn’t just a chemical found in many cleaners but in hygiene products as well. Hotel carpet frequently gets unsightly bleach spot from spills by their guest’s hygiene products as well as cleaners. As bleach spots can’t be removed or simply cleaned, they can be repaired with carpet dye. Carpet dyes can be reintroduced to the carpet fibers, recoloring them to match the rest of the carpet. Bleach spot repair is often fast and can improve the total look of the room.

Pros of Professional Carpet Dyeing

Hotel managers frequently seek carpet dyeing services not only to revive their carpet but to extend the life of the carpet with little disturbance to daily operations. Hotels try to avoid closing down their rooms as much as possible. Carpet dyeing takes just a short time to revive the carpets and have the room ready for the next guest. Carpet dye services can be scheduled during slower hours to avoid disturbing guests. Carpet dyeing is fast and can save money on carpet replacements in hotels and other commercial settings.   

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