Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Classrooms, Classes & Offices etc in Kingsport, TN Schools

Carpet dyeing is an option that more and more people are relying on to restore or alter carpet coloration when the carpets are still in prime condition. Particularly in recent years the idea has been perfected. With the help of advanced techniques, quality products and equipment, and skilled and trained professionals, carpet dyeing is a long-term, cost-effective solution. It can solve problems from carpet fading and discoloration to bleach spots as well as simply desiring a darker shade of carpet or a different, darker color. At this time, we at Carpet Dye-Tech would like to take an opportunity to discuss how carpet dyeing can be used optimally for carpets found in commercial schools.

Carpet Fading & Discoloration in Schools

Schools for any age students will obviously have a student body, teachers, administrative staff and ground keepers. With the large volume of people, carpet damage can be expected with the foot traffic alone. Add in sun fading and constant cleaning to keep the premises sanitized, the carpets are likely to lose their color due to a variety of reasons. Below are a few applications for different scenarios that are fairly common in schools throughout Greater Atlanta, Georgia and the entire East Coast.

Restoring Sun Damaged Carpet

UV rays do more damage than what people think. The sun’s UV rays fade the carpets color as the sunlight makes direct contact with the carpet in your schools. It doesn’t take too much time for the carpets to become faded and it is obvious when compared to areas that are not in the sun’s beams. To keep the school looking in pristine condition, the carpets maintaining the vibrant colors contribute to an immaculate and well-kept school. Carpet dyeing can easily match up the carpets’ color and patterns and repair sun damage.

Brighten Carpet & Restore Color Loss

When you are looking for the vividness of the carpets coloring, color restoration is an exceptional plan. Being that carpet color naturally fades with age, the color can be easily restored in carpets that are still in excellent shape in your school. Obvious foot patterns, sun fading, and other contributors will make the school’s carpets fade. Matching the precise hue of the school’s carpet, Carpet Dye-Tech can easily restore the original color.

Get Out Bleach Spots Out of Carpet

The carpet’s dye molecules found in the fibers are not stained by bleach and other such chemicals, but actually eliminated. There are only two solutions, replacement or reconstructing the color of the carpets. A more cost-effective option, professional carpet dyeing can completely restore the school’s carpet with a perfect blend and no seams.

Custom Color Alterations

Adding designs or changing the carpets coloring for a fresh new look at your school without an extreme bill is effectively done with professional carpet dyeing.

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