Commercial Bleach Spot Repair on Carpets in Acworth, GA; Color Matched Carpet Dyeing VS DIY Crayons

Commercial buildings are often filled with carpets which require a lot of care. Carpet demands routine vacuuming and deep cleaning every 3 to 6 months. With proper care the carpet will be clean, healthy and will last longer. However, even with proper care carpet can’t help but develop certain issues, primarily bleach spots. Bleach spots are an ever more common problem as commercial buildings undergo vigorous cleaning and sanitation due to the COVID-19 virus. With disinfectant cleaners containing high amounts of bleach, bleach spots have become a bigger problem. Luckily, bleach spots can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots can be repaired and accurately with professional bleach spot repairs.

Why Carpet Crayons Don’t Work

There are a few ways to repair bleach spots on carpets. A surprisingly popular method you can find online is to use a crayon and color in the bleached spot. This is the worst method you can use to repair a bleach spot. It is not a permanent solution and one that looks terrible. The best DIY bleach spot repair option is to buy a bleach spot repair kit online. They come with bleach neutralizer and a premixed dye to apply over the bleach spot. If you carefully follow the directions, bleach spot repair kits are not too terrible. The only down side to using a kit is that the color never perfectly matches. The dye kits you can buy will never match the carpet you are trying to repair. This is because manufacturers use their own custom dye formulas and they do not sell them. For perfect and quality repair the best option is to use a professional carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair service.

Professional Carpet Dyeing to Remove Bleach Spots

When hiring a professional bleach spot repair service, the technician will first inspect the bleach spots. Not all bleach spots are the same. Depending on the level of bleaching some bleach spots may still have some pigment. It is important when repairing a bleach spot that all of the dye is removed and only the fiber’s natural color remains. If the bleach spot has some remaining pigment, the technician will finish breaking down the remaining dye in the carpet. If no further bleaching is needed, then the next step is to clean the site. When cleaning the site all of the dirt and other particles are removed. However, the most important part when cleaning the bleach spot is to utilize a bleach neutralizer. This is important. Bleach can remain active in the carpet for a long time. If not neutralized the bleach in the carpet will prevent new dye from absorbing into the carpet. Once the site has been cleaned and the bleach neutralized, the technician will prepare to dye the site. As previously mentioned, you cannot buy the manufactures dye formulas. Instead a carpet dye technician will have to recreate the dye formula on site. They make their own dye formula that matches the rest of the carpet. One of the biggest benefits of using a professional service is their ability to match the dye formula with the rest of the carpet perfectly. The carpet dye technician will apply the dye over the bleach spot until the carpet color is restored.

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