Carpet Dyeing to Restore Discolored Carpets or Change to Darker Color in Vacation Rentals in Tampa, FL

Vacation rentals serve as a home away from home for many people as they provide all of the same comforts as a home. When maintaining a vacation rental there are a lot of the same challenges as any other kind of home might face. There are many areas of a vacation rental that need cleaning and care. One area that is more challenging than others is the carpets. Carpet can be vacuumed and even cleaned, but even that will not stop the carpet from fading or appearing old. When a carpet looks faded, dull or aged in your vacation rental, commercial carpet dyeing service can help restore the carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help restore the carpet in your vacation rental.

What Causes Discoloration in Carpet?

Carpets in a vacation rental undergo the same abuse as any other carpet. Carpets that are even cleaned and cared for will begin to lose their once vibrant color. Carpets will fade or become dull over time. Carpet can fade and be discolored even due to constant sun light exposure or improper carpet cleaning. Carpet inside a vacation rental will develop traffic patterns that flatten and dull up the carpet, while at the same time having fresh patches of carpet that aren’t disturbed due to the furniture. When carpets look faded or develop traffic patterns the carpet can be restored and even look new.

How Do You Restore Faded & Discolored Carpet?

Carpets that are discolored, faded, or develop traffic patterns need to be redyed. Dyeing the carpets will help to rejuvenate the carpet’s appearance. When dyeing the carpet in a vacation rental, you will want the entire carpeted area dyed. This means you will want to have the carpet bare and free of furniture. When the commercial carpet dyeing crew comes out they can easily and evenly coat the entire carpet with a fresh coat of dye. The dye is blended in and once the dye is dry, the carpet color is revived and the appearance of the carpet improved. The dyes used for the carpet is the same type of dye used during manufacturing so the same rules apply. The carpet can still be cleaned without fear of washing out the dye. However, the wrong carpet cleaner can alter the carpet color. It is important that the carpet cleaner is always tested before use, to ensure the cleaner doesn’t affect the dye. Bleach will still cause the dye to strip out the color in the carpet. With the same and proper carpet care, newly dyed carpet will extend the life and beauty of the vacation rental’s carpets.

Changing Color of Carpet

When dyeing the carpets in a vacation rental, the carpet can be dyed the same color as the carpet was at the time of installation, or if desired, the carpet’s color can be changed. When changing the carpet color the color will be a shade darker than the previous color. This is because the new dye color will be applied over the current color of the carpet. The previous color and the dye must interact together to create the new desired color.

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Commercial carpet dyeing can help restore the carpet’s appearance in a vacation rental and other commercial settings. If you have faded or dull carpet that needs restoration, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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