Carpet Dyeing Services to Brighten, Revive & Restore Hotel Carpets in Jacksonville, FL

Maintaining carpets in hotels can be a major challenge due to the constant flow of guests. Carpet in hotels are exposed to a number of different elements which can take its toll. Hotels that experience frequent carpet replacement find that the time and cost it takes impacts the hotel greatly. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet in hotels without impacting the hotels business.

Carpet Fading & Discoloration in Hotel Rooms, Lobby & More

Hotels have a number of different battles on their hands when maintaining their carpets. Carpet in hotels are prone to staining due to spills from drinks, hygiene products, and cleaning chemicals. Carpet exposed to constant sunlight will also begin to fade and lose their color. Improper carpet cleaning and neglected carpet can result in carpet discoloration and soiling. When carpets in hotel have permanent stains, discoloring, or fading, often the carpet is replaced.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

When carpets need to be replaced, the hotel must shut down the room(s) and sections of the hotel while the carpets are replaced. During new installation, the current carpet will need to be removed as well as the padding. Next the floor is cleaned and prepared for new installation. Depending on the number of rooms and sections of the hotel that is undergoing carpet replacement, it can take a few week to complete the job. Not only does it cost the hotel money to replace the carpet, they are losing money due to the closure. Depending on the current condition of the carpet, the replacement may not be necessary.

How to Dye Carpet & Repair Bleach Spots

With carpet dyeing services, the current carpet can be revived. Carpet dyeing services cleans and restores the carpet’s color after fading and discoloration. Carpet dyeing services can even alter the current color of the carpet. Permanent stains can be removed and repaired. When carpet needs to be dyed due to fading, a carpet dye technician can come and dye the carpet. This can be done with a few methods. Some methods will clean and dye the carpet. This is recommended for ongoing treatment to maintain the carpet color. Another popular method is when the technician will use a spray similar to a pressure washer. The dye is applied over the carpet and worked in with a carpet tool. The hotel can even choose to change the carpet to a darker color if they wish. Carpet spots are often repaired by applying dye directly over the stain. This service is most commonly used for bleach spot repair.

Quality Carpet Dyeing Services for Hotels

With carpet dyeing services, hotels don’t need to face closure time or invest in carpet replacements. Carpet dyeing is both cost and time effective. Carpet dyeing can also help extend the life of the carpet and ensure the hotel’s image. It is unnecessary to replace carpet that is still in serviceable condition. If a hotel finds they need to restore their carpet, contact a carpet dyeing service.

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