Carpet Dyeing for Schools in New Orleans, LA; Benefits of Hiring a Professional Dye Contractor

School campuses of all ages are filled with students, teachers and property management staff. With such high foot traffic and a whole lot of bodies, it is no surprise that school carpet gets dirty and needs to be cleaned often. Alongside dirt, school carpet can get stained from drinks, food, and even paint and craft items. So how do schools maintain clean carpets with such high abuse? Depending on the school, the answer varies. However, one of the best and most affordable methods for maintaining school carpet is by having carpets professionally cleaned along with color revival services. Carpet Dye-Tech will share the many benefits of having school carpet professional cleaned with color revival and carpet dyeing services.

What is Color Revival Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing?

Some carpets will experience fading while others become stained. Therefore, most school campuses are faced with the cost of replacing carpets. However, if the carpet is still in good condition there is no need to replace it. Instead seek out color revival carpet cleaning services. During this process, a carpet specialist cleans the carpet while adding small amounts of dye back into the carpet. This revives the carpet color and covers stubborn stains. If entire carpet revival isn’t necessary, spot dyeing treatment is another option that can blend those permanent stains with the rest of the carpet. Entire carpet color changes are also available if the school wishes to re-color their carpets completely. There are many ways carpet dyeing service are utilized and can benefit public school properties.

Extend the Life of Your Carpets

There are many benefits of carpet dyeing services. One is extending the life of the carpet. Carpet colors will fade with time or stains occur well before the carpet is completely worn down. High foot traffic brings in dirt which causes carpet the need for frequent cleaning. This causes color or dye to fade. Sun light can also fade out carpets. Combined with stains, the carpet’s appearance wears down before the actual carpet. By having the carpet cleaned and at the same time dyed to maintain the carpet’s vibrant color can help extend the carpet’s life and save the school money.

Hiring Dye Carpet Contractors is Affordable!

By having the carpet cleaned and re-dyed it can help extend the life of the carpet and maintain a clean and beautiful school. Not only can it revive the carpet but it also helps save money. Since schools are usually on a tight budget, have the carpet cleaned and re-dyed for up to two/thirds of the cost, versus replacing carpets. Carpet cleaning and revival services can help save school money.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Dyeing is Fast!

Another benefit of having the carpet cleaned and dyed is quick results. Carpet cleaning and redyeing is a fast and effective way to completely brighten and clean carpets. After carpet redyeing, carpets look as if they are new. Essentially, carpets are cleaned and dyed at the same time, so all it takes is time for the carpet to dry.

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