Carpet Dyeing For Hotel Carpets in Wesley Chapel, FL; What Causes Discoloration & How Do You Restore?

Carpets inside a hotel are exposed to food, drinks, high foot traffic and rigorous carpet cleanings. As a result carpets inside your hotel can lose the aesthetics in a very short period of time. As many hotel owners invest in expensive and high quality carpets, it only makes sense to maintain clean and beautiful carpets. When a hotel owner finds their carets are not looking their best, they need commercial carpet dyeing. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how commercial carpet dyeing can restore your hotel’s carpets.

What Causes Discoloration in Carpet Color?

In a hotel, carpets will often fade or develop discoloration. This can be the result of a number of different elements. For example, carpets that are near windows that have daylight shining on the carpet surface for long periods of time, the carpet will fade. Carpet can also fade or become discolored when they are improperly cleaned. When the alkaline is too high, that will also affect the carpet’s color. Discoloration frequently occurs due to high foot traffic, which brings in dirt. When the carpets become discolored or faded, commercial carpet dyeing can correct these problems. When carpet fades or are discolored, the carpet will need a deep and thorough cleaning to remove dirt and any other particles or substances in the carpets. Afterwards, the entire surface of the carpet needs to be coated with carpet dye. When dyeing the carpets, the carpet dye specialist can either change the color of the carpet or redye them their original color. When redyeing the carpet surface, it helps restore and even renew the carpet. This extends the life and beauty of the hotel carpet.

Can You Color a Bleach Spot in Carpet

Another common carpet problem that frequently occurs inside hotels are bleach spots. Bleach spots mostly develop due to an accidental spill from a cleaner. However, bleach spots can also develop from a chlorine soaked towel left on the carpet or even from some hygiene products. When a hotel owner has bleach spots on their carpet, it does not look very good. Bleach spots, like many carpet flaws can also be corrected with carpet dyeing. A bleach spot is the dissipation of pigment. To restore the bleach spot you will need to redye the site. Before a bleach spot can be repaired, the site will need to be cleaned and a bleach neutralizer will need to be applied. A number of bleach spot repairs will go wrong if the bleach is not neutralized. Bleach can remain active for a long period of time and will prevent dye from soaking into the carpet. Once the bleach spot has been properly cleaned and the bleach neutralized, the last step is applying the carpet dye. A carpet dye specialist can accurately dye the carpet to match the rest of the carpet, ensuring a quality bleach spot repair.

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Carpets inside a hotel can develop a lot of aesthetic problems, much of which can be restored quickly and effectively with commercial carpet dyeing. To prevent needless carpet replacement and to extend the life and beauty of your hotel’s carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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