Carpet Dyeing FAQ for VRBO, AirBNB & Other Vacation Home Rental Owners in Tybee Island, GA

Many family and couples will, when going on vacation, seek vacation rentals for a more comfortable home setting. Vacation home rentals offer plenty of bedrooms, a kitchen, living rooms and more for cozy lodging while couples and families are on vacation. Those who provide vacation rentals dedicate a lot of time into maintaining a comfortable place for family and friends to stay. When maintaining vacation rentals there are many times the carpet needs professional carpet and color restoration. When seeking carpet color restoration services, often there are a number of questions and concerns that owners and managers have. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to help answer some of the common questions and concerns about carpet dyeing restoration.

Question 1: Is carpet dyeing safe and does it have any side effects?

One of the most common questions and or concerns about carpet dyeing services is if carpet dyeing is safe. As vacation rentals provide lodging for all kinds of people with different medical conditions or allergies, dyeing carpets with a harmful substance is a major liability. However, the dyes Carpet Dye-Tech uses for carpets are completely safe and are non-toxic. Once carpets are dyed they are also treated with a solution that ensures the dye won’t bleed or transfer.

Question 2: How long does carpet dyeing and restoration take?

Another common question is how long will carpet dyeing and other common services take. Often to answer this question, a carpet dyeing technician will need to be on-site to determine the size and the needs of the carpet. Carpets that are solid in color will be faster than carpet that has patterns. In some cases, carpet will require deep cleaning before they can be dyed. Dirt and other contaminates in the carpet can interfere with the dyes. If other restoration needs such as carpet stretching or whole repair is needed, that will also add to the time frame. For an accurate time frame, often the technician will require to be on the site and get all the needed details of the needs and service that will be provided.

Question 3: Will furniture need to be moved before carpet dyeing?

Vacation homes are completely furnished with all of the same needs of the home. When carpet dyeing services are scheduled, often the owner will ask if the all of the furniture will need to be removed from the carpets. For best quality of the carpet dyeing service, the answer is yes. By removing all of the furniture from off of the carpets the carpet dyeing technician can do a more thorough job cleaning and dyeing the carpets. If furniture is left in place, it will result in uneven carpet colors. Unless the scheduled services are for bleach spot or stain repair, it is best for the carpet to be clear of furniture and other items.

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There are many benefits of seeking carpet dyeing services. They can help restore faded and dull colored carpets, change carpet colors, repair spots and more. For those who manage a vacation rental and need the carpets restored with carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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