Carpet Dye to Fix & Remove Old Bleach Spots (AKA Stains) on Carpets in Gulfport, MS

When bleach gets spilled on carpet a sense of fear and panic will consume you. The result is an unsightly spot on your carpet than can damage the fibers. Bleach spots can look yellow, orange or white and cannot be cleaned or treated like other blemishes. While dirt or food stains can be removed, bleach will actually remove the color of the carpet. Bleach spots don’t just occur when bleach is splashed or spilled. Many household cleaners have bleach in them. Before bleach spot repair, you would have to re-arrange furniture or cover the spot with an area rug. There was also the option of patching the spot with a scrap piece of carpet. No matter how hard you try it will likely stick out like a sore thumb and constantly remind you of the bleach accident. Trying DIY methods to remove a bleach spot will not work and can make the problem worse and more expensive to fix.

How to Neutralize & Get Old Bleach Spots Out of Carpet

Bleach spots differ from typical stains because with bleach there is an actual physical change in the chemical makeup of the carpet fibers. Unless it’s treated it will remain as long as you have the carpet. Again, you can’t clean bleach spills because the color has been removed from the carpet. Color needs to be reintroduced into the fibers from which the bleach stripped it out. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the result may depend on the completeness of what is called the bleach neutralization process. If the bleach isn’t completely neutralized, it will re-bleach. The amount of bleach and how recently the spill occurred will also determine the success of the repair. Chlorine will dissipate over time and will be easier to neutralize as it gets older. Bleach spots that are about a year old require very little neutralization and aren’t much of a problem. Bleach spot repair becomes more difficult with fresher spills or when there is a large amount of bleach that has been spilled. These factors will also determine the cost of the repair, but you can be sure it will be a fraction of the cost of completely replacing it. Professional bleach spot repair will have your carpets looking as good as new. Done right, no one will ever know there was a bleach spot. The process used by professionals will have color that holds even after the carpet has been professionally cleaned and you can walk on almost right away.

Bleach Spot (Stain) Removal & More in Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham, AL, Gulfport, MS, Shreveport, LA, Jacksonville, FL & Beyond

You don’t have to live with bleach spots marring the beauty of your carpet. Carpet Dye-Tech has highly-skilled dye technicians that are trained in bleach spot repair. The dyes and chemicals used are the same superior ones that carpet manufacturers use and are non-toxic and odor free. We guarantee a perfect color match, regardless of your carpet color. We can even restore patterned and multi-colored carpets! Give us a call today!

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