Can You Reverse Spilled Bleach Spots in Peachtree City, GA? Bleach Neutralizer & Carpet Dyeing Repair

For those who discover bleach spots on their carpet, there is no need to panic. Bleach spots can be repaired and your carpet can be restored. There are different DIY methods that can temporarily repair the bleach spot. However, for permanent and perfect repairs, you will want to seek out a professional bleach spot repair service. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how a professional repairs bleach spots and ensures quality repairs.

What Does Spilled Bleach on Carpet Do?

Bleach spots occur when a bleaching agent comes in contact with the carpet. Once the bleach interacts with the dye in the carpet, the bleach will break down the dye until the color dissipates away. Once the dye dissipates, only a pale spot will remain on the carpet. To repair a bleach spot you must replenish the dye. When a professional examines a bleach spot they are looking for the level of bleaching and if the carpet will need to be cleaned first. Often carpets will have dirt and other contaminants in the carpet that needs to be removed before the carpets can be redyed. Once the site is clean then the next step is to see if the carpet will need further bleaching. When there is some discoloration and not a white or a spot that is a little yellowish in color, there is still some dye in the carpet. In many cases the discoloration of mild bleach spots can be harder to repair or match the dye with the rest of the carpet. In this situation the carpet will need to be completely bleached out.

Bleach Neutralizer for Carpet

Once all of the pigment has been removed, the next step is to neutralize the bleach. Bleach remains active in the carpets for long periods of time. For the dye to bind to the carpet fibers properly, the bleach must be removed from the carpets first. Often many DIY bleach spot repairs fail because the bleach is never properly neutralized, if at all. To ensure quality repairs the bleach spots are treated with a bleach neutralizer and then rinsed clean.

Can You Dye Bleach Spots in Carpet?

Now the bleach spot is ready to receive the dye. The carpet dye specialist will prepare by mixing a matching dye formula. A professional carpet dye specialist undergoes a lot of training and classes to be able to determine the carpets color and create a perfectly matching dye color. This is essential as it is impossible to find a pre-made dye that was used on your carpet. Carpet manufactures do not sell their dyes. The dye color must be recreated. Luckily, a carpet dye specialist is up for this challenge. Once the dye formula has been created, the dyes are applied to the carpet and slowly blended into the carpet fibers. A bleach spot, when properly repaired, can be repaired within 30 minutes depending on the size or number of bleach spots on the carpet. With professional bleach spot repairs you can reclaim your carpets.

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Bleach spots are a common problem, especially due to the need for more frequent and detailed sanitation. When carpets develop bleach spots and you need quality bleach spot repairs, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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