Can Existing Hotel Carpet By Dyed in West Palm Beach, FL? Is Dyeing to Restore Color or Replacing Carpets Cheaper?

Hotel owners work hard to keep their carpets looking their best. However, as hard as the hotel owner or manager may try to keep their carpets looking great, it may not be enough. Carpet can develop problems that take a specialty service to come and correct. Carpets that have bleach spots, stains that will not wash out, develop discoloration or fading, need commercial carpet dyeing restoration. Commercial carpet dyeing is a specialty service that focuses on restoring your carpet’s appearance and or coloring. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how commercial carpet dyeing can help restore carpet inside your hotel.

Is it Cheaper & Better to Dye Carpet or Replace It?

Carpets inside a hotel that have discoloration, fading, stains and bleach spots need help restoring their carpets. When carpet develops these cosmetic problems the hotel owner can either have their carpet restored or they can replace the carpets. When deciding what is best for your hotel, there are a few factors to consider. Deciding whether or not to replace or to redye your carpets depend on the carpet’s age and or condition. Especially in a hotel, owners often work hard to maintain their carpet. With proper carpet care the carpet can last for decades even though they develop cosmetic problems. If the carpet is super old and has degraded it is probably time to replace the carpets. However, if the carpets are in great condition and simply need their appearance improved, commercial carpet dyeing is the better choice. Another major consideration is the type of carpets that are inside the hotel. In most cases, the hotel owner invests in high quality carpet that is made from natural materials such as wool. Natural fiber carpet can be restored with carpet dyeing. Synthetic carpet cannot be dyed. Therefore, if the hotel has synthetic carpet throughout the building that has cosmetic problems, your only option is to replace the carpets. Lastly, the hotel owner or manager should consider the time and money that is involved in dyeing the carpet versus replacing the carpets in the hotel. When carpets are replaced the carpet will need to be bought and shipped to the hotel. Then the carpet is removed and the floor prepped for the new carpet. The new tack strips are installed, followed by the carpet padding. Finally the carpet is then installed. While the carpet is being removed and then installed, guests will have to stay out of those areas. The time and money it takes to replace the carpet is very expensive and reduces guest activity, which will drop. When repairing discolored, faded, or correcting traffic patterns, guests will also need to be removed from the site. However, it only takes a few hours to redye the carpets. Bleach spots or stains can be repaired even faster.

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Carpet dyeing is much faster than carpet replacement. Additionally, carpet dyeing is much cheaper. Carpet dyeing can help save the hotel owner about 60% to 80% of the cost compared to carpet replacements. Carpet dyeing is often the better option when possible. If a hotel owner has carpet with cosmetic problems and needs them restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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