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Bleach spots are a common problem for most carpets, especially during the current pandemic where bleaching agents are constantly used to keep commercial spaces sanitized. As more and more carpets are developing bleach spots, the need for a solution continues to increase. Managers in some commercial settings might decide it may be time to replace the carpets. However, for carpet in good condition, it is a major waste to replace the carpet simply due to bleach spots. Instead of replacing carpets, the bleach spots can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will share more about bleach spots and how they can be repaired with professional bleach spot repair services.

How Bleach Spots Differ from Stains

Bleach spots, as many know, are pale permanent markings on the carpet. Bleach spots occur when a bleaching agent comes in contact with the dyes in the carpet. Bleach will break down and cause the dye’s color to dissipate leaving behind a colorless spot on the carpet. Bleach spots are notorious as they cannot be simply washed out of the carpet like a stain. When bleach spots occur on the carpet, they may not wash out but they can be repaired. There are many different ways to fix a bleach spot. However, the most effective approach is to use a professional bleach spot repair service.

Perfect Matching of Carpet Color

When bleach spots form on the carpet, a professional not only can repair the spot, but they can also perfectly match the repair site with the rest of the carpet. One of the most challenging aspects to bleach spot repair is to match the dye with the rest of the carpet. A professional will always make the dye on site and mix the dyes themselves. When repairing bleach spots you will need to redye the bleach spot site. Where you may be able to find pre-mixed dyes online, they will never match the dye of your carpet. This is because manufacturers make their own dye formulas and their custom colors are not for sale. Because you will never be able to buy the exact dye for your carpet, a professional will make it themselves by mixing the three primary colors of red, blues, and yellows.

What Neutralizes Bleach on Carpet?

Another major step that is important to bleach spot repair is in the cleaning of the bleach site. When cleaning the bleach site, the bleach spot will need to be treated with a bleach neutralizer. Bleach remains active in the carpet for a long period of time. If the bleach isn’t neutralized then the dye repair will not work. A professional will neutralize the bleach site and make sure it is clean. The next step is to apply the dye over the bleach spots. This is often done with a syringe or dropper. However, at times a sprayer is used for large bleach spots. Repairing bleach spots, depending on the size or number, can be due fairly quickly and within minutes longer for larger sites. A professional can perfectly match the repairs with the rest of the carpet to ensure quality repairs.

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