Benefits of Hiring Carpet Dye Contractors to Restore Carpets in Assisted Living Facilities in Johns Creek, GA

Assisted living facilities provide the opportunity of those who need daily care to live in a comfortable home like setting. Within assisted living facilities there are rooms, at least one lounge or sitting area, a dining hall and more. Inside assisted living facilities you’ll see carpets covering the floors. This provides a soft and comfortable surface. There are a number of advantages to using carpet in assisted living facilities. Carpet provides a soft surface. It is not slippery, and it adds to the building insulation and efficiency. However, even though carpets are the optimal choice of flooring material, they require frequent vacuuming and cleaning. At times, the carpet may require specialty needs such as bleach spot repair, color change or color revival. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services helps prolong the life of the carpet and maintain the beauty of the carpet in assisted living facilities.

Carpet Dyeing of Existing Carpets

Carpets in assisted living facilities are often well taken care of as the environment demands a need to be clean and healthy at all times. As a result, when good carpet becomes stained, faded, or discolored, they are perfect candidates for dyeing services. Repairing carpet that has lost its color or has developed nasty stains can be done with carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet in assisted living facilities in several different ways. One of the primary focuses is carpet dyeing. Carpet that has been faded or discolored through UV damage exposure or to high PH levels can be restored with carpet dyeing. When carpets are discolored and/or faded and needs fresh application of dye, a carpet dye service can accurately determine the original dye formula and dye the carpets. The carpets often need to be cleaned before they are dyed. Many carpet dyeing services can clean and then dye the carpets to ensure the quality. However, if the assisted living service wishes to, they also have the option to dye the carpet a different color. Although carpet can be dyed a different color, keep in mind the carpet can only be dyed a darker color. It can never go lighter.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

Another common service that aids assisted living services is stain and bleach spot repair. When carpet develops stains or the notorious bleach spots, the carpet can be salvaged. Bleach spots can permanently leave a pale or white spot on the carpet. However, bleach spots can easily be corrected with carpet dyes. A carpet dye technician applies the dye carefully on the spot that has been exposed to bleach and slowly adds the dye into the fibers. Stains can also be blended in with the right application of dyes.

Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & More in Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham, AL, Gulfport, MS, Shreveport, LA, Jacksonville, FL & Beyond

Carpet dyeing services can restore solid color to patterned carpets and more. Carpet that requires color correction greatly benefits from carpet dyeing. Carpet dyes are safe and are made from organic sources. They also don’t rub and transfer once the dye is completely dry. By restoring the carpets in assisted living facilities, the carpet can avoid unnecessary replacement. Carpet dyeing is fast and affordable and can help save the assisted living facility money and time. By maintaining clean and beautiful carpets, the facility will shine for their residents and their visitors. For quality carpet dyeing service and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today!

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