Basics of the Carpet Dyeing Process in Apopka, FL; Restores Sun Faded, Bleach Chemical Spills & More

Dyeing an assortment of things has been done for centuries; hair, food, and clothing are just a few of the examples. Carpets are also dyed, and getting your already laid carpets dyed has come a long way over the years in the industry. A service once thought of as a waste of time and money due to its ineffectiveness and lack of longevity, many professional carpet cleaners and installers frowned upon the service. But thanks to modern advances; carpet dyeing methods and techniques are much more beneficial and a fantastic alternative to costly carpet replacement! Carpet Dye-Tech would like to set the record straight on carpet dyeing, when it is optimal to invest in and outline some simple basics.

Need for Carpet Dyeing

No matter how diligent you are in keeping your carpets in the best of care, eventually carpets begin to fade from the sun or time, stains from pets, food, beverages, and other spills that blemish the surface, high traffic patterns, and chemical and bleach spots. Instead of replacing the carpet, a professional carpet dyeing service might be more ideal.

Dyeing Sun Faded Carpets

Carpet dyeing restoration comes in handy when carpets are in excellent condition, but it has faded you miss the color it once was. When the carpets fade, is often the result of sun exposure. With the expertise of a professional, the faded carpet can be renewed to its original glory and color.

Custom Carpet Color Change

Keeping your carpets in the best of care of the years is excellent. But the only drawback is perhaps you originally selected a once trendy color, and as your tastes have changed over the years, that color has become outdated or you just crave change. Carpets can be dyed to change the color. With the aid of a professional, dyeing your carpet a different color can enhance the latest of your décor.

Recolor Bleached Carpet

A very common accident in many households is the dreaded bleach or chemical spill that has dissolved the color of your carpet. With the help of a professional, matching the existing dye or patterns can be restored to absolve the once bleached area, and left looking unscathed.

Dyeing Carpet Stains

There are some stubborn stains, that even the most experienced and effective professional cannot remove, which makes carpet dyeing services a more reasonable option. Dyeing the stains to the color of your carpet essentially covers the eye sore, leaving your carpets looking exceptional.

Custom Carpet Dyeing Designs & Patterns

Carpet dyeing services can also transform your existing carpet by adding designs and patterns. Picture a generic staircase encased with a bland and boring carpet. Now picture a professional coming in and applying his craft to add runner design, giving it the right touch, optimizing the beauty.

Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & More in Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Chattanooga, TN, Birmingham, AL, Gulfport, MS, Shreveport, LA, Jacksonville, FL & Beyond

When carpets are dyed correctly and efficiently, it not only improves the overall appearance of your carpet, but it also can withstand regular maintenance without hardship. It can be professionally cleaned and properly maintained. With Carpet Dye-Tech providing your carpet dyeing service, you can expect high performance and extraordinary services. If you are considering a carpet dyeing service, trust in the experts, we can answer all your questions and give you superior carpet dyeing services. Call us today!

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