Carpet Color Change

As a full service carpet cleaning, repair, and restoration company, Carpet Dye-Tech is completely licensed and insured to provide our customers with high quality services. As a family owned and operated business, our customers are our first priority. Knowing their carpet dyeing needs, many of valued customers have their expectations exceeded with this cost effective solution to restore the color of carpets throughout the South Eastern Regional States.

Carpet Color Changing Process

Carpet Dye-Tech includes carpet color changing services in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. Changing the carpet’s coloring can be due to many reasons. Perhaps the most common reasons for wanting to dye carpets are to counteract sun exposure fading or permanent staining, as well as simply wanting to transform the color to better match the new interior design surroundings or when preparing to sell the home quickly for the most amount. Though this technique cannot typically lighten the carpeting, it is an optimal solution to breathe new life into the carpets. In little time, the permanent dye penetrates and bonds to the carpet fibers. The procedure is long lasting and doesn’t harm children or pets. It is a very cost effective alternative to replacing the carpets and is much less inconvenient too. Though there are a few restrictions for dyeing the carpets a new color or shade, there are countless options that can really boost the dynamics of the room.

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No matter why you need your Greater Atlanta, Georgia and beyond carpets dyed, Carpet Dye-Tech qualified experts are readily available to deliver beautifully vibrant carpet color changing and dyeing services. Call Carpet Dye-Tech today for your consultation to determine your carpet’s color, whether to match existing, a darker shade or a new darker color!