Carpet Dyeing for Senior Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes in Montgomery, AL

Assisted living facilities have a lot of incoming and outgoing foot traffic by visitors, staff, and residents. Due to the high traffic, carpets require frequent vacuuming and carpet cleaning. After a short period of time the carpet can quickly lose its color and look dull. The carpet has a major effect on how the facility is viewed. To prevent a negative outlook on the facility it is in the facility’s best interest to maintain clean and vibrant carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how you can keep clean colorful carpets without the cost of replacing the carpet every few years.

Best Slip Resistant Flooring for Elderly in Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Carpets are often used in assisted living facilities due to the comfort they provide. In the event a resident falls, the resident is less likely to injure themselves on carpets than on tile, vinyl or wood floors. Carpets help provide a soft and comfortable flooring, as well as a warmer surface to walk on, and they are far less slippery. There are many reasons why carpet is the superior choice of flooring for assisted living facilities. However carpets do require regular vacuuming and deep cleaning every few months to ensure a healthy living environment.

Benefits of Hiring Carpet Dye Contractors

Within a short time, and after frequent carpet cleanings, the carpet can lose its color or become stained due to the high traffic of visitors or residents. To help maintain the carpet’s appearance, carpets can be dyed. Carpet dyeing is a safe method of maintaining or even changing the carpet’s color. Stains can be dyed to prevent off colored spots, or the entire carpet colored as the carpet fades over the years of continual use. Dyeing carpets have many benefits. It is far cheaper to dye carpet versus replacing carpet. Additionally, dyeing the carpet can help prevent waste. If the carpet is still in good condition, why replace all of the carpet when all it needed is a little make over with dyeing services? Carpet dyeing is also fast. There is no need to replace and reinstall carpet which all takes a lot of time and man power. A small crew can come in and clean and dye the carpet within a short period of time.

Carpet Dyeing VS Premature Replacement

When making the decision to dye carpet there are a few considerations. To start if you wish to change the color of the carpet to fit the facilities new look, that is possible. However, you cannot dye carpet that is a dark color to a light color. Carpets can only be dyed a darker shade or color. It takes a carpet specialist to know how the carpet color will interact with the dye and which colors are possible. Bleach stains or other stains can often be dyed to match the rest of the carpet, removing the stains appearance.

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As it is well known, assisted living facilities run on a tight budget. Seeking alternative ways to maintain new looking carpet can be challenging. With our carpet dyeing service, it can help save time, money and prevent carpet waste. If you need carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech Carpet today!

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