Can You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpets in East Cobb, GA? Does Carpet Dyeing Work to Restore Color?

Bleach spots are a common problem on most carpets. Bleach spots are even more common than normal as many household and commercial settings undergo intense cleaning to combat the COVID-19 virus. Intense cleaners are used to kill viruses and germs. Many of the cleaners used contain high amounts of bleach or is straight bleach, which is the primary culprit for bleach spots. When bleach spots develop on the carpets, they can become very distracting and ruin the aesthetics of the carpet. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to go deeper into how bleach spots form and how they are repaired.

What are Carpet Bleach Spots?

Bleach spots are not at all a stain, even though many people refer to them as stains. Stains are discolored spots on the carpet due to contamination. A bleach spot is when color has been removed from the carpet. Bleaching agents are found in many household cleaners. When a bleaching agent comes in contact with the carpet, the dyes will quickly break down and the color will dissipate, leaving the natural color of the carpet’s fibers showing through. Carpets are naturally a whitish cream color, and when they are made, they are dyed. The dyes in the carpet are vulnerable to bleach. As a result, bleach spots are an unfortunate, but common problem.

Carpet Dye to Fix Discolored Bleach Spots on Carpets

As many people well know, you cannot wash out a bleach spot like you can a stain. When bleach spots develop on the carpet, there is little that can be done. Bleach spot repair is the only remedy to this problem. Bleach spots can be repaired by restoring the color back into the carpet. There are many ways to repair a bleach spot. For those who want to repair the carpet themselves the only method that you should consider is with a bleach spot repair kit. Disregard any other crazy method that uses crayons, markers, or food coloring. You will have the best results with an actual bleach repair kit. However, do not expect perfect results. It is impossible to find a kit with the perfect color dye. This is because each manufacture makes their own dye and they do not sell them. You may come close with a kit, but it is not a perfect repair. A good bleach repair kit often starts around $75 dollars. You may find your money is better spent on a professional bleach spot repair service.

Professional Carpet Dyeing to Repair Bleach Spots

A professional can perfectly repair bleach spots. They do not use pre-made dye formulas. They create the dye on site. They are able to recreate the perfect dye color to ensure the repair matches 100% with the rest of the carpet. Additionally, they will take the time to properly neutralize the bleach in the carpet. The bleach in the carpet remains active, Therefore, it needs to be neutralized in order for the repair to work. Once the bleach has been neutralized and washed out of the carpet, the dye can then be applied. A professional will slowly work in the dye to ensure the proper amount is used. Another common danger of DIY repair is using too little or too much dye when repairing the bleach spot. Too little dye and the color will look lighter than the rest of the carpet. Too much dye and you have a darker spot. To ensure a perfect match, you need to apply the right amount of dye.

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A professional bleach spot repair is both fast and affordable. With a professional repair service you will have amazing results. For quality bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing services, and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech.

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